We look forward to dancing with you in 2022!

Official announcement that Camp Delaney is, as of yet, still not accepting reservations for this summer... which means we will not be able to host Emerald Sanctuary this year. 😭

We MISS YOU and are so very much looking forward to dancing, learning, jamming, taking walk-in selfies and launching floaties on the lake with you in 2022! Watch this space for updates - next year is going to be epically squirrel-tastic!

If you have questions, please contact us directly at emeraldsanctuaryretreat@gmail.com

Emerald Sanctuary Belly Dance Retreat is an annual belly dance retreat in the high desert of Central Washington, usually held the last weekend of August (before Labor Day). Regional and local instructors offer an exciting range of workshops for the beginner to the seasoned dancer. The retreat is hosted and directed by Indigo, a well-known Washington State belly dancer.

We encourage all dance styles and levels to attend. Emerald Sanctuary has and always will be an accepting and safe place to explore your dance.

The workshops are set up so you get a well-rounded experience from a variety of instructors. Past instructors have included Adriene Rice, Alimah, Amy Sigil, Aubre Hill, Aziza, Carrie Konyha, Cassandra Fox, Dahlia Moon, Delilah, Elisa Gamal, Fatima, Habib, Hasani, Leila Farid, Magidah, Maria Morca, Nadira, Sharon Kihara, Silvia Salamanca, Tamalyn Dalal, Zephyr, our very own Indigo, and many others. Almost every year we have live music by House of Tarab and their guests for your hafla performance.

The retreat is a laid-back and relaxing experience amongst new and old friends. Between workshops there is plenty of free time to shop with our vendors, explore the rugged and beautiful landscape, cool off with a swim in one of several lakes, or take a nap on the lawn. We hope you join us this year and every year after.

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