We have your instructors lined up for this year and we're working to put together an amazing workshop schedule for you! Stay tuned for more workshop topics! Check the schedule below to get an idea of how your day will be filled with dance, play, and socializing!

Workshops begin Thursday at 4:00pm and are designed for ALL levels of dancers.

Most workshops are held in the main hall. Note that the floor is concrete. Some workshops, such as yoga or drumming, may be held outside on the lawn.

Suggested items to bring
dance wear
water bottle
yoga mat
notebook & pen
finger cymbals
props such as a veil, cane, big skirt, etc. if needed
dance shoes, if you like (dance floor is concrete as noted above)


Wake Up with Yoga — Friday, Saturday & Sunday Mornings at 9 am

All DayOptional Chill Out and Play Day — Vendor Set Up, No Workshops

 9:00 amVendor Setup | Play | Shop | Relax
 4:00 pmMagic of BreathElisa Gamal1.5 hrs
 5:30 pmTBDTBD2 hrs
 EveningCamp 'n Jam with live music

 9:00 amYogaMalia1 hr
10:00 amFoundations for Iraqi Kawleeya / Fusion DanceMirabai1.5 hrs
11:30 pmShaabiAshley Rhianne1.5 hrs
 1:00 pmLunch | Play | Shop | Relax
 4:00 pmDrummingGeorge Sadak1 hrs
 5:00 pmRhythm ClassAshley Rhianne1.5 hrs
 9:00 pmHafla (Live & Recorded Music)

 9:00 amYogaMalia1 hr
10:00 amTBDSedona1.5 hrs
11:30 amIndian/Temple FusionSedona 1.5 hrs
 1:00 pmLunch | Play | Shop | Relax
 4:00 pmMusic ClassHouse of Tarab 1 hr
 5:00 pmOld School Finger Cymbals & CombosShay Moore1.5 hrs
 9:00 pmHafla (Live & Recorded Music)

 9:00 amYogaMalia1 hr
10:00 amFan Veil FantasyMirabai1 hr
11:00 amFive Points on your Super StarElisa Gamal1 hr
1:00 pmLunch | Cleanup | Pack
2:00 pmWe are out of camp! See you next year!


Sedona Soulfire

TBD – description to follow

Belly dance Temple Fusion
A beautiful and modern merging of Belly Dance and Classical Indian Dance, Mudric Arts and embodied Yogic principles, all infused with focused ritual intent.
Drawing inspiration from these ancient dance and yogic traditions, this workshop will cover shapes, symbology, gorgeous sculptural poses, precise postural alignments, arm pathways, foot work, meaningful mudra and expressive eyes. We will combine these temple techniques with the earthy and feminine expression of belly dance to create a unique and enchanting modern fusion. A large portion of workshop will be spent drilling and detailing techniques and ritual temple repertoire with a focus on alignment and refinement, while all the while activating our spirited intent.

Ashley Rihanne

Sha’abi is music for the people, the music of a generation that discuss themes such as love, heartbreak, politics and also some very silly things. It is a dance that is done by people everywhere, and typically quite unrefined. Ashley Rhianne will break down Egyptian style sha’abi technique, moves and combinations in order to gain a better understanding of the dance style.

Rhythm Class – description to follow

Sharon Moore
Creative Combos: Old School Style Belly dance – now with 100% more finger cymbals!
Inspired by her love of old school Ren faire troupes such as Bal Anat and Hahbi ‘Ru (the foundations of American Cabaret and Tribal styles!), Shay will share various combinations of movement paired with finger cymbals patterns appropriate for dancers of all styles. We’ll start with creative movement drills to get our hearts pumping, then we’ll dig into some fun finger cymbal patterns, movements and variations. Finally we will blend them into combinations we can mix and match to dance together.
This workshop is taught in a layered approach, where dancers may choose their level of challenge – starting with a single layer or technique, then combining multiple layers as desired for a greater challenge. This means every student will be able to work at their own pace, adding difficulty as they feel ready. Don’t have a lot of finger cymbal experience? No problem! We will be breaking the skills down piece by piece, and each dancer can work at their own comfort level.


Foundations for Iraqi Kawleeya / Fusion Dance
In this workshop you will gain a contextualized understanding of Iraqi Kawleeya/fusion dance. We’ll begin with some discussion about history, culture and relevant folkloric dances of Iraq, then move on to general guidelines for the dance. We’ll start with foundational movements, drilling them with regional and performance variations in mind, and then we'll try out a few combinations.
NOTE: Back bend snaps won’t be integrated into this workshop. These are Ukrainian and Russian additions to Iraqi fusion. And while hair tossing is a part of this dance, so there will be a little of that, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Join me to learn more about this inspiring dance!

Fan Veil Fantasy
Mirabai says: I am so excited to share my take on fan veils with you all! My work with fusing silk fans into belly dance is rooted in studies of traditional/classical Chinese fan dance. Lessons gained through these studies will inform this workshop as we move through basic holds, movements and fan manipulation. We’ll wrap up the workshop with a few combos to help you further practice and internalize the possibilities of nuanced elegance, fluidity, and flow of the Chinese silk fan in motion.

Elisa Gamal

Magic of Breath
In this unique workshop, you will discover the multiple ways in which your breath and breathing can enhance fluidity, reduce effort, magnify musicality, increase precision, and support strength through movement – all while making your dancing easier and more enjoyable for you, and more impressive for your audience. 

5 Points on your Super Star
Elisa Gamal will share with you her favorite tips gleaned from 30 years performing and teaching dance, and judging at belly dance competitions. Learn five deceptively simple concepts and techniques to add to every choreography and performance, to lend enjoyable variety to your movement vocabulary, spark your creativity, wow your audience, and personalize your dance to make it your own.

George Sadak

Egyptian Tabla
Celebrating dancers, drummers, and the grid that connects us! George is the guide as you take Egyptian tabla from basics to advanced, building layers upon the standard framework of rhythms. Everyone will get to drum at their own level and is invited to participate in a class performance during the hafla. Interested experienced students will arrange to meet and compose a short solo for hafla performance.

House of Tarab

Music Class – description to follow

David Rheis and Henna

TBD – description to follow