Vendors at Emerald Sanctuary offer a wide variety of merchandise. You might find a dancer selling her gently-used costuming or a real business with a full selection of merchandise. Items available may include costume & practice apparel, jewelry, veils, hula hoops, make-up, personal care items, and music & DVDs. There's something for everyone whether you're Tribal, Cabaret, Tribaret, Fusion, or Folkloric!

Massage, henna, photography, and other services are often available. The cost of these services is not included in the cost of the retreat. Sign up is first-come, first-served; providers set their own rates and schedules.

Please note that some vendors only take cash. Other vendors accept credit cards, cash, and personal checks. There is no ATM on site so come prepared. Vending is open Wednesday through Sunday all day, but closes in the evening after dinner and before the hafla begins. Vending hours vary and are at the discretion of each individual vendor.


Due to limited space in the Main Hall vending space is limited and not guaranteed. Returning vendors and instructors have priority for indoor spaces. If you would like to vend inside the Main Hall please inquire via email at Pre-approval to vend inside the main hall is required.

We have plenty of space outside on the lawn and you are welcome to vend there if you choose to do so, no pre-approval required. However, the wind kicks up in the afternoon so your outdoor items will need to be secured. And, forewarning! The sprinklers come on in the evening so you will have to bring your merchandise into the main hall or store in your vehicle overnight.

Vendors may begin setting up and open for business any time on Wednesday. If you arrive Thursday or later, if workshops are in progress please wait until AFTER class is complete to load in. Note that there is a floor plate threshold leading into the building, so anything with wheels will need to navigate that bump. Lunch is generally 3 hours and is a great time to set up! Vending is closed during the evening haflas so you can relax and enjoy the show.


There are lots of chairs and plenty of 6' x 3' tables to use at no additional charge. You must provide your own table coverings and your own racks. There is no need for additional lighting, but feel free to bring lights and an extension cord if you want them. You can drive right up to the main hall to unload (no stairs) or it's an easy carry across the lawn from the parking lot.

Camp Delaney does not have wi-fi. Cell service is limited, unpredictable, and coverage varies from carrier to carrier. Mobile payment devices usually work, but patience is key here. So, you may have to chill out, set your device on the window sill, or take a stroll on the lawn while finding just the right spot for reception. Take it as an opportunity to get to know your customer a bit better until that transaction goes through. You're at retreat so it's all good!