We are so incredibly excited about our stellar lineup of instructors this year! Please see Schedule page for descriptions of workshops. 


Sedona Soulfire is a multifaceted embodiment artist offering her work in the rich realms of ritual, community circle, cyclical magic, art, movement and dance. She shares weekly dance classes, sacred movement workshops and retreats both internationally and locally in Portland, Oregon. Sedona offers online resources both at and through the global dance studio Datura Online. She has been immersed in dance and performing arts her entire life, for the last two decades having a special focus on eastern dance and yogic traditions. 


Ashley Rhianne is an award-winning Oriental International dance artist based in Vancouver Canada. After years of studying ballet as a child and teen, she took her first Middle Eastern dance class in 1995: Drawn at first to this dance form for the music, she was then held by the powerful femininity, grace and strength that it embodies. This dance is her true love and is the main driving force in her life!

As a performer Ashley Rhianne is noted for her expressiveness, elegance, and natural joie de vivre; as an instructor, she  firmly believes in the importance of proper body mechanics and alignment with a focus on core conditioning. For Ashley Rhianne, dance is a constant evolution and requires a lifelong commitment to learning.


Shay Moore has been teaching and performing bellydance for over twenty years. She practices an integrated style of instruction, developing both the mind and the body through strong foundations and a “take your time” approach to learning and growing in the dance. Shay strives to give all students of all levels opportunities to not only increase their physical skills, but also their intellectual understanding of the dance format & history. Shay was the first instructor to receive dual teaching certifications in both the Gypsy Caravan and ATS® formats. Combined with her background in cabaret and folkloric styles, this has allowed her to develop a signature blended style of tribal fusion which she continues to build upon today.

Mirabai's devotion to the dance, love of her audiences, and exquisite artistry make her a beloved performer, entertainer, choreographer and teacher. She began her studies at the age of 3 with tap and ballet; in her teens, she discovered belly dance, and fell in love with its ability to fully embody, transmit and elevate the feminine divine. Belly dance was just the gateway, though, which opened the door to broader studies of other contemporary and folkloric dances of the Arabic world. She is dedicated to continued cultural studies, enhancing her abilities to dance, teach and choreograph. In recent years, she has been swept up with a new passion for unraveling the mysteries of Iraqi dance in an effort to understand and recreate Iraqi Kawleeya/fusion.


Elisa Gamal took her first belly dance class in 1987, hit the night club stages of Seattle in 1994, and performed professionally for over 25 years. An intuitive, supportive and effective instructor, Elisa has watched several of her students gain national recognition and win trophies and titles in nearly every major US belly dance competition. These days you'll find her behind the scenes and in the tech booth, providing support at numerous dance events throughout the region.

She treasures this art form for the emotional expressiveness of the music and movement; for the many adventures and wild gig opportunities over the decades; and for the camaraderie, community, and wonderful lifelong friendships she’s made.


George’s tabla is the thrilling heartbeat of Emerald Sanctuary! Growing up as a drum kit player, George’s musical journey took him through jazz, to music of the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf, and the Balkans, and home to his niche and first love, the Egyptian music of his native land. George has performed up and down the west coast since his teens and currently plays with several bands around the NW.
Every year, George hosts a drumming class that is open to ALL participants and campers, and lays down the groove for us at the Thursday night Camp & Jam and weekend Haflas. We are so very fortunate to have George share his love of music and teaching with us. 


“Tarab” is a state of ecstasy and surrender one enters while listening, with body and soul, to music. Whether it’s the dancing strings of the oud, the mystical call of the nay, or the pulsating rhythm of the drums... the “House of Tarab” invites you in.

HOT is an integral and beloved part of Emerald Sanctuary, providing live vintage Arabic music sets for our Friday and Saturday night haflas. For a dancer, performing collaboratively with sensitive, engaged professional musicians is a peak experience; at camp, this opportunity is gifted to all! When not on stage, you're likely find the members of HOT jamming on the lawn, providing the soundtrack to workshops, and enriching the ambiance of camp most hours of the day. 


Awaken your body and mind each morning at camp with Malia! Malia is a Vinyasa trained yoga instructor passionate about providing calm, safe, and unique instruction, guiding students through class with acknowledgment to all individual needs. The beginnings of her classes include time to set an intention for the day, often offering a short reading, poem, or a certain theme to contemplate. Malia has a passion for both yoga and various styles of dance, often incorporating dance-like flows into her sequences – the best thing for prepping your body for a day of workshops! Malia believes that yoga is an integral part of our mental and spiritual health, providing the opportunity for union between the body, mind and spirit. Morning yoga is open to ALL participants and campers!


David Reihs is a multi-instrumentalist turned producer and educator with a diverse 35 year background in music, theater, and broadcasting. He has been studying a wide variety of middle eastern genres and instruments since 2001, including four years living in Istanbul, Turkey where he learned and spent time with many of the country's finest musicians. David is the artistic director of Ritim Egzotik, playing Arabic Keyboard and Accordion, Middle-Eastern Percussion, Ud, and Elektro Saz. David’s company dhavir productions produces concerts, workshops and instructional DVDs for middle eastern music and dance.

David performs frequently with his partner Henna, bringing to the stage the ultimate union of movement and sound, emotion and expression. Find out more about David at and


We would like to take a moment to sing the praises of our fabulous hostess, Emerald Sanctuary founder, dance mom to all of us and all around super cool lady: Indigo! We are so grateful for the opportunity that she provides for us each year to step out of our daily lives and join together in safe and welcoming community in this wild, peaceful, majestic, sage-scented and olive tree-shaded paradise. 2019 is our 15th year! Come join us! Reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, soak up the sun and swim in the jewel-like lakes, dance your heart out, fill your heart back up again, and don’t forget to take a walk-in fridge selfie!