Save the Date!

Emerald Extravaganza - A Bellydance Brunch Benefit

Sunday March 13, 2022 2pm-Late Afternoon
Mirkwood Cafe
117 E. Division Street
Arlington, WA
Mirkwood Shire Cafe

Emerald Sanctuary BellyDance Brunch Benefit Hafla March 13 at 2pm.

2022 Emerald Extravaganza!

To register to dance Please contact Indigo at
There is Plenty of room for all to dance and we want you to come up and dance with us!!.

Yes! the BellyDancer Garage Sale will be back!!

We hope you are able to make it out either dancing or enjoying the yummy food in the cozy settings of Mirkwood nestled close to the Stillaguamish River in downtown Arlington.

Entry is by donation; we suggest $5-10, or more as you are able to contribute!
Proceeds from the evening will go toward supporting the Emerald Sanctuary Belly Dance Retreat 2020.
Thank you thank you thank you!!


Would you like to dance?

Your legal name
Dance name or troupe name
Preferred dance set — recorded, recorded with live drumming, or live music
Please state if you have specific requests regarding props


Emerald Sanctuary events absolutely cannot function without the essential support of our beloved and appreciated volunteers – the Werker Beez! We need volunteers between the hours of 11am - 5pm to help the hafla run smoothly, from set up, take down, taking donations at the door, to manning (beez-ing) the raffle table. 


Just as important as the dancers who entertain us, are the announcers who delight and inform us! We need volunteer MCs to introduce the dancers and convey information to the audience. If you love to MC (or are MC-curious and would love to try it out in a safe and supportive space!) we would love to have you. Just like at retreat, we would like to have several MCs over the course of the show. If you are also dancing, we can absolutely set your schedule to allow you to do both.


The Benefit Hafla Raffle is one of the most important sources of support for the Emerald Sanctuary Retreat – and a favorite with our audience and participants. We need donations! Jewelry, gift baskets, art, costume items and adornments, beauty and personal care, gift certificates for services such as massage and spa treatments, dance or movement classes – are just a few ideas. Your donations and the proceeds from the raffle help with expenses to keep the retreat humming. 


As a grassroots, not-for-profit organization, Emerald Sanctuary Retreat relies on volunteers and donations from generous souls like you! Thank you for supporting our retreat!