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Cassandra's Web Site
Cassandra Fox is a belly dance and Caribbean fusion dance instructor and performer from Coldwater, Ontario, Canada. She started dancing in 2008 and since then has been committed to developing her skills and art, and has had the privilege to learn from various workshop instructors such as Saida, Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, and Dandash.

Largely known for her powerful shimmies, free spirited performances, strong technique, and the emotion and personality that she exudes while performing and teaching she has become a sought after performer and instructor both locally and in the international dance community.

Cassandra has considerable competition experience, having competed from 2010 until 2014 in various competitions, highlights include multiple top 4 finishes at Belly Dancer of the Universe in Long Beach California including winning Champion in the fusion category in 2012, and the People's Choice Award from Drum Solo in 2014.

She is perhaps most well known for her Caribbean Fusion style which pulls on her Caribbean heritage (Her family is originally from Jamaica) which fuses Caribbean music and movement with elements of belly dance movement and musicality, and for her expressive and spirited drum solos.

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George's Web Site
Drummer and Egyptian tabla player (dumbek), George’s musical journey took him through Middle Eastern music, Jazz, music of the Arabian Gulf, the Balkans, and his niche and first love, Egyptian music of his native land.

Growing up as a drum kit player, George had a chance to learn several styles of music that did not necessarily use the Egyptian tabla which helped broaden his approach to composing tabla grooves. As a teenager, George performed in international clubs around the Northwest during the ’80s. In the ’90s, he relocated to LA where he performed in international shows and was a studio session artist.

Today, George performs around the Northwest with several bands and runs his Barking Dog studio in Edmonds, Washington. He enjoys teaching Tabla and sharing his music with all. George will be teaching drumming at the retreat.

House of Tarab's Web Site
The band, House of Tarab, aka H.O.T, performs vintage live Arabic music often accompanied by word-class belly dancers. Performing classic and traditional belly dance music with a heavy cabaret touch is their specialty.

Tarab is a state of ecstasy and surrender one enters while listening, with body and soul, to music. Whether it’s the dancing strings of the oud, the weeping melody of the violin, the mystical call of the nay, or the pulsating rhythm of the drums... the House of Tarab invites you in. 

Zaphara's Web Site
A master instructor & entertainer in the Pacific Northwest, Zaphara is one of the few belly dancers in the US of Greek heritage. She has appeared in night clubs and taught workshops throughout the Northwest and other US cities.  During that time, she has appeared on local, Canadian, Japanese & National TV shows (ABC's 20/20).

Zaphara has co-produced, hosted, and performed in 4 one-hour TV shows on public access; Belly Dance 101, My Big Fat Greek TV show, The Cairo Connection, and It's Greek To Me.

Zaphara has also traveled to Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Bogotá Columbia, & the United Arab Emirates to study, perform, and teach Middle Eastern dance. In Cairo, Egypt, she trained with Nagua Fuad, Egypt's "Queen of Oriental Dance" and with Mahmoud Reda, choreographer/director of the Reda Dance Troupe. In Seattle, her instructor for 10 years was Shamiriam Pick, International Singer & Dancer from Iran.

Zaphara is choreographer/director of Zaphara's Middle Eastern Dancers, who are members of the Ethnic Heritage Council of the Pacific Northwest.

Indigo is the Founder, Organizer, and Mastermind of Emerald Sanctuary Belly Dance Retreat. She started belly dancing in 1998 and is well-known throughout the Pacific Northwest dance community.