Photo by Jeanie Lewis
Our traditional haflas take place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings in the main hall. Everyone is encouraged to perform.

Sign-up takes place at the retreat. There will be separate sign-up sheets for both recorded and live music for each hafla. The sheets are located in the main hall. 

Thursday night's hafla will be recorded music only. Friday and Saturday night haflas will be both live and recorded music. If you want to dance to your own pre-recorded music please be prepared and have it ready on a CD. For live music performances, the musicians are usually available to talk with you beforehand about what you'd like to perform to.

The dance floor is concrete, but we try to carpet the area with a large rug or two, but please keep in mind that a rug is not always available.

Please come prepared with everything you need to perform:
music (Please have your music on a CDR—not a CDRW—cued and ready to go. As a back up plan please bring either two CDRs or one CDR and a portable music device)
mirror and lights for getting ready (There are no full-length mirrors in the cabins or bathhouse and lighting is very dim)
sewing kit, safety pins, emergency repair for your costume